Getting into this Space Before you Try to Sell Anything

One of the big secrets to high close rates is getting into the right mindset before making your sales presentation. This is priority number one, according to this NLP sales tips piece on Active Rain, the #1 realtor community in the world.

Most of us assume we’re stuck with the headspace we’re in at any given time. When we’re in a positive space, well, that’s a good day. Forget all that.

The key is to go there on purpose. If you’re going to execute your plan to reach sales goals, you MUST consciously and purposefully enter the right mindset. Don’t wait on the chance you’ll be feeling like a million bucks. Feel that way on purpose.

To do that, you’ll need tools…

And that’s where NLP comes into play. With NLP, you can consciously enter into any state you’re willing to enter with the iNLP Center accessing states model. Most people never consider how to enter into a certain frame of mind on purpose, and that is what NLP accessing states teaches you to do!

Do it!