Best Four Tips for Telemarketers to Increase Sales Conversion

Of all the job titles out there “telemarketer” has one of the worst reputations. The necessity of calling strangers who may not be interested in what you have to say, the natural disdain of being hung up on, and the stress of meeting daily targets all contribute to a field of world-weary salespeople. But phone sales do not have to be as terrifying a prospect or as dull a chore as it is so often made out to be. Telemarketers can be effective at sales and pleasant to talk with, especially when these three approaches are used:

Focus on the person.

The client will be more interested in the item being sold if it is explained in a way that meets that person’s needs. Base your sales pitch on the client rather than on the product or service. Use words that describe the benefits of what is being sold. This connects with the client in a personal way, giving it relevance beyond merely something that’s being pitched cold over the phone.

Use a natural, casual tone.

Even the best script can come off as robotic if it is read right off the page. Using a relaxed pace and a friendly, polite tone gives the call a more personal feel and leads to the client feeling more inclined to make a purchase. In general, people are social creatures, and making a connection with a client makes it feel like more of a personalized experience. Also, studies show that people like to hear their names, so addressing a client on a first-name basis not only adds to the genuine feel of the call but also speaks to that psychological preference, boosting their interest in what you have to say.

Build a specific close.

Instead of just letting the call end with awkward goodbyes, be sure to have a strong close for each call, one that will leave the client confident in their purchase. Also be ready to follow up with any client; studies show that as many as five calls can be necessary to close a sale. Keep each close personal and genuine, but also keep control of the call, especially if you are arranging to call again. Offering a day and time to call back solidifies the follow-up and leaves the expectation of a future call in the client’s mind. The follow-up itself can lend a personal touch, as it means you specifically set time aside to speak with that person again at a time convenient to them, leaving a positive impression.
Adding these three approaches to your overall strategy will both increase your sales conversion rate and make the call more comfortable for everyone, providing a better experience for the client, better numbers and a more pleasant work environment for the salesperson, and a stronger overall reputation for the products or services on offer and the company as a whole. Everyone benefits from a considerate, personal approach to phone sales!

Top Tip:

Speak their language!

If you want to get someone to keep talking, you need to match their talking speed and modality. Of course, it helps to speak the same language too, but I am talking about matching them. Pace them: If they talk slower, talk slower. Match their predicates: If they talk in visuals, sell in visuals.

Pace them: If they talk slower, talk slower. Match their predicates: If they talk in visuals, sell in visuals.

Match their predicates: If they talk in visuals, sell in visuals.

Create a story with before and afters they can relate to.

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